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In Candelaria's kitchen, led by chef Arkaitz,we are trying to develop a creative style menu using modern techniques and respect for lifelong products is included.
The menu has 8 starters, 3 fish and 3 meat dishes renewed 2 times a year.

  • Cream of carrot soup with Jamaican pepper, brie and pumpkin

  • "Candelarias Empedrat" (tomato, saltcod, white beans and olive puree)

  • Foia and rataffia cold cannelloni with red fruits

  • Smoked dish of squid and octopus with hummus and red pepper vinaigrette

  • Rissoto "4 in 1" (parmesan, iberian ham, prawn and ras el hamout)

  • Tender squid with ink sauce, mushroom and iberian ham

  • Tuna fish with foie, creamed corn with and peach air

  • Grilled dorada with "guacamole" and prawn bulgur

  • Grilled duck's breast with mango, red peppers and vegetables

  • Entrecotte from Nebraska with bean puree, rock salad and pepper oil dust

  • Iberiam secret at low temperature with peas puree, mustard and saracen salad