Mentalisation et psychosomatique

Pierre Marty,,

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AUTEUR Pierre Marty,,
ISBN 9782402153300

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Psychosomatics, or the treatment of psychosomatic illness, offers a new approach to the ill person, and for that reason belongs to the history of medicine. Right from the beginning, there have been several conceptual currents contributing to the growth of medicine, among which the life of the mind has had a more or less significant place. Buy MENTALISATION ET PSYCHOSOMATIQUE by Pierre Marty (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible Pierre Marty. Mentalization based treatment (MBT) is a time-limited treatment which structures interventions that promote the further development of mentalizing. Moran et al 4 found a prevalence rate of % among primary care attenders, The term mentalization grew out of the Ecole Psychosomatique de Paris and to some extent was operationalized by Cited by: